‘Mary has been treating my horses every three months for the last three years.  The difference it made is incredible.  The youngest horse was in a horse float accident, and afterwards always overreached even in an open paddock, enough to draw blood. 
Since the treatment from Mary, he has not overreached in the paddock again.  My older horse had back problems when I bought her,  Mary's treatment has meant she does not have pain in her back anymore.  I would recommend Mary to anyone whose horses need treatment, especially with accident prone ones like my older horse’.
Irene Schedel

‘My Golden Retriever ‘Zoe’ was an extremely sick puppy having tested positive for
Campylobacter and Salmonella poisoning at ten weeks old.  Her ill health found us
visiting three different veterinary clinics over a period of seven months looking for an
answer. Numerous courses of anti-biotics and other prescription medicines seemed only
to make her worse and she then suffered colitis of her small intestine due to the constant
scouring she endured.  The anti-biotics had killed off all bacteria in her system – good
and bad. Zoe at 10 months old was so underweight and her coat so short and dull
nobody even knew what breed she was.  I had stopped taking her photograph as I no
longer wanted memories of her like that.  We were at desperation stage asking anyone
and everyone if they could offer a suggestion.  It was then I found out about Mary and
her alternative therapies. Mary visited Zoe and produced a mixture with essences
designed to settle her stomach and increase her appetite.  This simple treatment found
Zoe eating within 48 hours of Mary’s visit and she has been healthy and happy ever since. Zoe is now within a normal weight range and her coat is soft and shiny.
I can’t thank Mary enough for her kind assistance.  Having not looked to natural therapies for medical issues previously, I am now a converted sceptic and would not hesitate to try these essences for any ailment they are attested to assist in the future’.

Jenny Corbett

'Having just completed an official Barefoot Trimming Course, with The Barefoot Blacksmith, I have now had my horse’s shoes removed and have become a complete convert to the cause. My horse looks happier already!  BUT, I struggled with the trimming at first, and am so grateful for Mary’s support. The tips she gives me on general horse handling are brilliant too – just simple things that seem to work. In fact she’s changed my whole way of being with my horses, and they are changing how they are with me too which is pretty amazing. I reckon the horse-world should have more “Marys” in it' !!

Lesley Buckingham